Our Profile:
Family owned and operated; third generation diamond dealers.

Our Mission:
To offer high quality diamonds at exceptional prices in all shapes and sizes. Aldanmaz Diamonds is committed to customer service and satisfaction. We understand the challenges involved in finding the right stone and we are dedicated to helping our clients through this process.

Our Loose Diamonds:
We carry a vast selection of pre-certified diamonds in all shapes and sizes including Cushion Cut, Asschers and Radiant Cut diamonds. All diamonds are graded by industry leading independent gemological laboratories and can be re-appraised by any preferred gemologist.

Our Small Goods:
For many years, we have provided large and small jewellery manufactures with extremely accurate and incomparable consistency in small diamonds. We understand the importance of diamond sizes when producing jewellery on a large scale. Our experience in this market is invaluable.

Briza Colour Enhanced Diamonds:
As the sole distributor in Canada, we are leading the latest wave of fashion in the jewellery industry. "Colour is fashion and fashion is jewellery" With a wide range of colours, these diamonds will open new horizons for the jeweller's creativity. Please visit www.brizacolors.com for the latest colour catalogue and enhancement information.

Arctic Stones:
With laser inscribed, certified Canadian Diamonds, you can be certain of your diamonds origin and quality. Our Canadian Diamonds meet the standards of the Voluntary Code of Conduct for authenticating Canadian Diamond Claims. We are prepared to assist you and help your business thrive in the Canadian Diamond market.

Our Policy:
This website is to be used as a guide line only. Diamonds are subject to availability and to error. New clients require industry references. Prices may increase or decrease without notice due to the fluctuating market value of diamonds, the availability of the diamonds and the American dollar exchange rate. Prices do not include taxes or shipping. All customers are subject to Aldanmaz and Briza policies.

Our Web Site:
Please continue to visit our website for the latest inventory and pricing. For user login information and support, please e-mail us at info@aldanmaz.ca or contact us at:

Local: 416-363-6435
Fax: 416-363-9929
Free: 1-800-361-3528

Our Business Hours:
Monday to Friday 9:30AM to 6:30PM